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You may not heard about the guy who has been starting to make good in a particular task and because of that he tweeted some of his works while tagging several companies who’s line expertise is also the field where he is good at. After 3 days, one of the companies became interested and in the later days, he got interviewed and a job offer was eventually made. This can be your story too. In fact, it can be anyone’s story as long as you have the guts to do it. Here are some of the ways where you can use Twitter to look for your dream job.

The situation today

The story of the guy in the introduction may have a very quick response but don’t think that this is a first time that this has happened. In fact, there have been many people in the post who got hired because of Twitter. Twitter is a good place to look for a job because it is very specific and is clear shows their best work. Not only that, employers have now taken advantage of social media to look for a pool of applicants. In one Tweet, millions of potential employees can see their post and they can filter through the applicants if they want to really find the best.

How to Use Twitter to Find a Publishing Job

How to Use Twitter to Find a Publishing Job

Tips when looking for a job

The first tip would be to connect. To connect, you simply have to follow the specific companies that you want to apply. When you follow them, you’ll get the latest job postings and when you find one you can post your latest works and you can send your resume when needed. You must make sure that you have the latest picture in your profile. You can also take advantage of the search feature. By typing a keyword that matches your field of expertise, you’ll get a list of accounts that matches your keyword search. You can then apply for the position available.

Tips for employers looking for employees

Be participative in industry discussions. By participating, job seekers will know your company and will try to follow you. This can also mean being active in your company’s Twitter account. You need to answer the inquiries of potential inquiries and attend to applicants. You don’t have to play the waiting game. You can make the first especially if you see a potential employee. Remember that there is still a competition to get the best employee and you have to be ahead of the game to get the best.

How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

How to Use Twitter to Find a Job


Instead of spending hours and hours on social media browsing on other people’s lives, you can instead use it to your advantage. You can use it to expand your business connections. You can use it to increase your popularity and you can use Twitter to follow your favorite celebrities. With the tips given above, you can actually apply for your dream job by just using Twitter. So what are you waiting for? You might get your dream job using Twitter.

Online dating has opened up a new window of dating opportunities to people all over the world. Now you cannot only just meet people online, but you can be able to find a potential partner as well. And from the different corners of the world as well! It widens your horizons and even lets you be able to learn about the different cultures from other places in the world from the people you meet online.

While online dating can be mostly fun and games to most people, some actually take this rather seriously. Most of the time though they are unaware of the potential risks or what we call “red flags” in online dating. To be able to give you a hint of what these “red flags” are, below are only some of these most common “red flags” you should definitely avoid.

Four Online Dating Red Flags

Four Online Dating Red Flags

Far from picture perfect

Some people could be rather shy about the pictures they upload on their online dating profiles. It is natural to be wary of those whose only pictures on their profile are either blurry or taken from a distance, and that there is not one clear picture of the person’s face. Unless you are willing to take the gamble, it is best to look for those people with at least one clear picture of what they look like.

When the message feels like a generic group message

If you get that feeling in your gut that the personal message the person sent you is not personal at all, then you should probably trust your gut. There are some people who tend to send out the exact same message to the people they find attractive. You could probably tell if there was some effort put into the message written for you than a message where the only thing he/she changed was another person’s name to your name.

People who think they are taking chances

So you fill up the online dating profile with a specific age range and proximity, and you get messages from people younger or much older from what you want and living on the other side of the world. They think they are taking their chances and probably think they could still charm you into liking them when in fact they are just wasting your time. If that does not turn you off enough these people could sometimes be rather persistent.

15 Red Flags for Online Dating

15 Red Flags for Online Dating

High-standards and overwhelming demands

There is nothing wrong with stating a few basic requirements, but when you see in this person’s profile his/her demands for someone with perfect abs, perfect hair and perfect everything then maybe you should take some time to think very carefully. Are you really up to this person’s standards? Obviously the person is asking too much and expecting too much, so might as well take your chances with someone willing to negotiate with you.

These are only some of the many online dating red flags out there. You may be able to tell yourself if you should stay away with this kind of person and finding the person you really want to spend some time with. It all boils down to your taste in the people you date, after all.

Running is now a very popular activity as more and more people participate in fun runs and marathons all over the world. And with its popularity on the rise, it is inevitable that gadgets specific for runners are also benefiting from the trend. People are now looking into these items as they plan for their next running activities.

The Top 5 Runner’s Gadgets

To make your gadget shopping easier, here is a list of the 5 most popular runner’s must haves:

  • Addidas’ Energy Boost Shoes

The basic item for runners is the shoes. All other gadgets are secondary to the right footwear. And the best so far is the Energy Boost shoes from Addidas. It got is name from the new innovative material called Boost which replaces the traditional EVA foam. Addidas claims that the Boost material allows you to transfer more energy to your legs when you run. This may be hard to believe but tests and tests have shown that given the right circumstances, it actually accomplishes such feat.

Top 5 best selling fitness gadgets of the year 2014

Top 5 best selling fitness gadgets of the year 2014

  • Throlo XCMU Experia Running Socks

If you need running shoes then you also need running socks. And the XCMU Experia from Throlo is what you should get. These socks protect your feet from blisters and irritations. It also allows proper breathing and sweat absorption for a sweat-free feet throughout your run.

  • Berghaus Limpet 10+ Backpack

Marathons are running activities that cover very long distances. This is why you need to bring fluids with you as you run to keep you hydrated. But you cannot bring the water bottle using your hands. You will need a bag for that and nothing beats Berghaus Limpet 10+. This backpack is ideal for runs since it is perfectly small and has enough straps to stabilize it on your back while running.

Best Fitness Gadgets: FitBit Ultra, Nike+ FuelBand, Motorola ACTV

Best Fitness Gadgets: FitBit Ultra, Nike+ FuelBand, Motorola ACTV

  • Scosche Forearm Pulse Monitor

The Forearm Pulse Monitor from Scosche does not only check your heartbeat per minute. It also checks your speed and pace, the distance you have covered and the amount calories you have burnt. And it does these things by connecting to your smartphone. The Pulse Monitor can also serve as a central control system for your music.

  • Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS Watch

For casual runners who want to go and discover great running routes, a GPS watch is essential. And the best today is from Garmin. The 910XT GPS watch offers comfort in addition to very accurate map display and distance measure. You also get longer than average battery life for long runs and a display screen that shows you everything you need despite its small size.


These are the 5 gadgets that runners and would-be runners should start looking out for. They are top of the line and the best ones currently available. But be sure to have a budget since each of these gadgets enjoys hefty price tags.

Getting a pay raise is one of the best things that can happen to an employee. No one wants to have the same salary over the course of his or her employment, so having a pay raise will surely be welcomed by anyone. Most companies, however, are very stringent in giving an increase since they see this as an additional expense. Talking to your boss for an increase is a difficult task, but it doesn’t mean that you should not give it a try. Here are some tips to help you approach the situation with a proper insight:

Determine how much salary you should receive

Before asking for a pay raise, you should determine how much someone in your position or someone doing the same job as you is receiving. Most industries do not pay similar amounts for similar jobs. If you want to get a pay raise, then you should do some research and determine where your salary falls. If you are a nurse and you are earning $50,000 to $60,000 a year but you realize that some hospitals pay their nurses $55,000 to $65,000 a year, then you can have a case for asking a pay raise.

7 Tips To Get A Raise At Work

7 Tips To Get A Raise At Work

Show proof that you deserve a pay raise

Asking for a pay raise is like a salesman doing a sales pitch. If you are confident that you deserve a pay raise, then try to schedule a meeting with your boss and sell yourself. Provide documents and proof why the company should increase your pay. Show your boss your performance records and the things that you did to help the company profit. Never make a case saying you need additional money. Also, remember that you are a cost to the company. Sell yourself as a profit and that your value on the company exceeds the costs.

Find the right time and the right person when asking for a pay raise

Talking to your boss for a pay raise might be a good idea, but you should make sure that he is the one who can make decisions when it comes to salaries. Most companies, especially larger corporations, have designated personnel to do a particular task. If there is someone other than your boss that can decide on your pay, then it is best that you present your case to this person. Also, find the right time to present your case. Make sure you are in a private meeting where you can talk about business and in a place where there are no distractions.

How to get the salary you want

How to get the salary you want

Be direct and assertive without being arrogant

Do not beat around the bush when asking for a pay raise. Failing to prepare is one of the common mistakes of an employee. Confidence is the key when asking for a pay raise. If you are not confident and not assertive, then your boss will think that you don’t deserve to get a raise.

Money is not always everything. Asking for a pay raise is not asking for money to be happy. It’s asking for money because you deserve it. Securing a raise is tricky, but with these tips it will be easier for you to negotiate with your boss.

Employee retreats can be a very good way to allow your employees to build up coordination within their co-employees as a team. Some companies do this to enhance the performance of their employees but it also depends on the kind of retreat they conduct, and it starts with questions like, what are the factors that affect the production of your employees? How are you going to resolve it? How will you improve your employee’s performance? To answer these questions you must first consider the pros and cons of employee retreats.

Let’s try to look first with the Pros of employee retreats.

Pro: Boost the Leaning and Performance of Employees at work

This can make your employees feel that they’re appreciated and they become inspired in keeping up with their work’s performance. It can also help in enhancing the skills and capabilities of your employees by allowing them to share their ideas. They will come to know that learning is fun and in time they’d be able to achieve the goals you have set for them.

8 Ways To Ace Your 2014 Strategy Retreat

8 Ways To Ace Your 2014 Strategy Retreat

Pro: Strengthening the Team Makes Solid Coordination

It would be easier for them to do these things if they have set a more better relationship with each other. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of your team will work to your advantage as you can create a better resolution.

Con: Not Everyone Can Enjoy a Company Retreat

On the other hand not all employees can avail of this retreat because not all companies are of need of conducting this employee retreat. Some companies need teamwork to succeed in the business but refuse to sponsor it and not all employees are fun and enthusiastic enough to agree and pay out of pocket for any expenses. Some employees have families and sacrificing they’re weekends for a team building will ruin their schedule at home.

Con: It’s Somehow a Waste of Time and Money

Conducting a retreat can somehow be expensive depending on the venue, food, activities, and personnel to handle the event. Instead of being productive on that certain time its being spent on retreat without the assurance that it would be very effective. Employees are not that willing enough either to participate in something that the company will benefit at their own expense.



You still can’t deny the fact that a good retreat can contribute something good to your employees and for your business. If you bring your staff in a place somewhere nice to spend a few days, they can develop new skills and long term visions. You allow them to know more about each other and have fun at the same time with their co-workers. This idea sounds really promising but it needs to be at your companies own expense.

Or would it be better if you save that money. Ditch the retreat idea and give more time for their production and reward them financially which your team would gladly enjoy. How about that? But of course we should try to balance both sides of the situations. Your employees’ happiness must be your guide to decide what’s best.